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Beware.This is a complete scam these guys are selling wedding dresses and ball dresses they post pictures of gorgeous dresses from other companies and email you photos of your dress it looks nothing like it.

Infact I am almost certain most people could do a better job themselves. They have a 50% cancellation fee and who knows if they are just doing this so people cancel and they get 50% they might have one crappy version of each dress to scare people into cancelling.

I was on a reputable website and they added a link to their site so I thought it was the site I was on.So not only do they steal photos they add links to their sites on the originals website.



I don't think so.I have bought a dress on the website: www.dressnow.co.uk.About 2 weeks later,I got my dress.It's very beautiful and the quality is very good.So I bought another dress soon.

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